LED Video Screen Hire

Giant LED Video Screens / Video Walls available to hire for your event or occasion

Our LED Video Panel Stock

We currently have a fairly large stock of our own LED video panels with further panels available to us upon request.
In our event stock we keep 66x outdoor rated ADJ AV4IP 4.81mm LED video panels and indoor rated 30x Absen PL3.9XL (+ 8 half panels) 3.91mm LED video panels.

What sizes can we do?

Each event has unique needs so we can customise our screen size to suit your needs. Our most commonly chosen size is 4m x 2m for single large screens although we can offer smaller and larger screens to.
In our own event stock we keep up to 15 square meters of each option, larger screens available on request.

Panels in total

Sizes up to (m2)

How do I choose which LED wall I need?

We always recommend speaking to us about your screen requirements before making a decision.
Our team are happy to help and advise which screen would be most suited to your application.

For outdoor use, we can only offer our ADJ AV4IP as it is weatherproof.
For indoor use, either screen can be used however the Absen PL3.9 offers a much better resolution but does come at a higher cost.

Our LED Video Wall Panels

– Absen Polaris PL3.9 XL – 3.9mm pitch
– ADJ AV4IP – 4.8mm pitch

4.81mm or 3.91mm Pitch

Each ADJ AV4IP video panel has a pixel pitch of 4.81mm.
Each Absen PL3.9XL panel has a pixel pitch of 3.91mm.

Pixel pitch is the spacing between the LEDs and the closer the LEDs, the finer the image will look from a closer distance. The higher the pitch, the better the resolution will be in a given space. 

IP65 - Waterproof

Our ADJ AV4IP LED video panels are IP65 rated, this means that the design allows for temporary outdoor use as well as indoor use. 
IP65 means that the panels are IP rated as “dust tight” and protected against water projected from a nozzle.

Our Absen 3.91mm panels are only suited to indoor use. 


Our Absen PL3.9XL video wall panels are also curvable to create a curved screen if required.
Unfortunately our ADJ AV4IP is not curvable and can only be used as a flat screen.

High Resolution HD Quality

Each AV4IP panel (50cm x 50cm) containts 104 rows of 104 LEDs, just under 11,000 LEDs per panel.
This gives the panels a pixel density of 43264 pixels per m2 which makes the panels a high resolution.

Each Absen PL3.9XL (1m x 50cm) panel containts 256 rows of 128 LEDs, just under 33,000 LEDs per panel.
This gives the panels a pixel density of 65,536 pixels per m2 which makes the panels a very high resolution.

Our LED Video Wall Controllers

Multiple HD and SD inputs

Our controllers features a range of common input options including HDMI, DVI and SDI.
These multiple inputs mean you can guarantee your device will be able to give our system a signal for display.


Our VX4S controllers have 4x Ethernet output ports to connect to our LED Video Wall panels.

Our VX600 controllers have 6x Ethernet output ports to connect to our LED Video Wall panels.

Both controls feature scaling options in-built for easy configuration.

Extra Features

The controller also features PIP (Picture in picture), Scaling (auto fitting the input to the panel resolution), Image Mosaic (when connecting multiple controllers using DVI Loop out) as well as USB and ethernet control.

Options and Pricing

Please be aware that our prices are based on the event being in our local area (Medway, Kent) please get in touch for a personalised quotation if you are outside of this area.

We cover all over the UK, but our main body of hires come from the home counties – Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex and London.

We currently only offer our LED Video Screens on a “wet hire” basis, meaning we do all the hard work.
We deliver and setup the screen, we will also de-rig and take the screen back to our base. We can also operate and take care of your content if required.

Delivery, setup, pack down and collection in our local area is charged at £400 +VAT and around £500 – £600 +VAT for London and the surrounding counties.
If your location is further afield, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to get your own personalised quotation.

So do you need a large video screen?